responsible service program.

Age Verification, Policy Enforcement, and Over-consumption Prevention Integrated into your POS

You serve alcohol, tobacco, or other age-restricted products and you need to implement corporate-wide responsible service programs that give you full control over how they are enforced. You need the ability to centrally (and easily) configure your policies that can be tailored by region, store, or concept. You may want to automatically prompt the seller to exercise their training at exact moments defined by your policy. You may want to constrain selling hours or actively count servings to prevent over-consumption, including call-outs of high-risk tables through our real-time manager app. Failure to define and implement a policy through a digital solution exposes your business to the risk of fines, lawsuits, loss of license, personal injury or death, and criminal prosecution of your employees.

The WE SCAN solution is the best fit for customers who need control and configurability over their responsible service program, who want to reflect their culture of responsibility, and who care about their business, brand, employees, customers, and communities. This is the most robust solution for effectively defining corporate policies, ensuring they’re being enforced, and managing your service risk.


  • Integrates with existing POS hardware or devices
  • Front door and table-side ID and age verification via dedicated mobile devices
  • Supports multiple age requirements (e.g. alcohol, tobacco), custom descriptions and alert messages
  • Centrally manages settings via the web to consistently enforce your company’s policies
  • Displays storefront deterrent posters and stickers as a “Front line of Defense”
  • Prevents the sale of products based upon age
  • Accurately reads all 50 states’ driver licenses and ID cards
    Supports manual data entry for state, ID number and date of birth for defective IDs
  • Uses comprehensive decoding algorithms with real-time updates to ID template library
  • Generates an alert when IDs are scanned multiple times to detect ID sharing Provides initial training and on-going support
  • Automatically prompts your employee as they attempt to add age-restricted items to a check **
  • Restricts the sale of products based time-of-day and pace of consumption **


** Feature supported with NCR Aloha environments, with other POS solutions coming soon.

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