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Private Club Process Automation and Compliance

You are a Private Club who serves alcohol in a dry country or jurisdiction and you must comply with state regulations for membership applications, meeting minutes, rosters, and other compliance requirements.  You want to comply with these requirements without inconveniencing your customers, incurring additional labor expenses, or being buried in paperwork. Failure to comply can lead to fines, loss of licenses, and closure of your business.

Our Private Club solution completely automates this cumbersome workflow, including creating preliminary applications and verifying membership within a second, making the entire obligation of complying effortless.  Our solution can be configured to provide electronic applications, electronic signatures, and web-based meeting minutes and rosters, which allows you to fully automate your process, improve your customer’s experience, reduce your operational costs, and provide a 100% PAPERLESS environment.


  • Automates your clubs’ membership requirements
  • Eliminates manual accounting of membership records for your state’s Alcohol Beverage Commission.
  • Uses all 50 state drivers licenses to automatically populates preliminary applications or verify membership within 1 second, without data entry Accurately scans IDs from all 50 state drivers licenses’/ID cards, Canada, and Mexico
  • Generates weekly membership minutes and monthly rosters on the web with a single click
  • Flags individuals as VIP or banned
  • Leverages the experience of the pioneer in driver licenses identification for private club
  • Securely manages your private club using our website or mobile app.
  • Leverages Pre and Post TABC audit consulting and support from experienced in-house private club and restaurant owners
  • Receives data verification alerts (e.g. date of birth mismatch, invalid ID number, address confirmation)

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